Gorgeous Baby B {Goulburn Newborn Photographer}

I’ve been pretty slack keeping my social media and website updated since our initial lockdown last year, I found it all a little unsettling and then when life returned to relative normality it seemed to get busier than ever not only with sessions but with my own children. But I’m using our current lockdown situation to hopefully change that. I thought I’d start with this gorgeous session from earlier this year with sweet Baby B.

Baby B was so content, blessed with adoring parents and doting older siblings who made our session a dream. Here are just a few of my favourite images from our session.

Are you having a baby soon and are interested in booking your own newborn session? You can find the details here, I have a limited number of session available in 2021.

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A Special Little Cake Smash

My youngest niece recently turned one. There was absolutely no way this special occassion was going to pass by without doing a cake smash, especially knowing how much she loves cake!

We also took the opportunity to get some sibling photos, which I just adore. Usually they are both just to too busy to capture them together. They are at such a cute age and are honestly the best of friends. I think you can also see their personalities in the images. My little niece is happy and chilled and always has a little smile on her face. My four year old niece is sassy, a bit of a diva and loves playing it up for the camera.

At the end of our session my four year old niece even paused for a few seconds and let me get a couple of shots of her with her special little friend Woofo, who she has had since birth.

The cake was put together by my sister. Using a premade drip cake from Coles, macaron’s (also from Coles) and some pink fairy floss. It’s a really clever way to get a great looking cake that is also afforable. My sister is pretty clever!

Cake smash setup’s don’t need to be complicated or over the top. I just adore the simplicity of the white backdrop, single large balloon and cake. We found the gorgeous little vine a few weeks ago while browsing in a fabulous little local store Something Special, and just knew it fitted in perfectly with what we had planned.

My cake smash sessions have special pricing and are shot in my studio here in Goulburn. Is your little one turning one soon? I’d love to hear from you. You can contact me here.

Goulburn Cake Smash
Goulburn Cake Smash
4 year old photos
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Beach Maternity & Some Exciting News

I have so many unblogged sessions it’s really hard to know where to start to catch up. Today I’ve ended up going with my sister’s beach maternity session. We made the trip down to one of our favourite places on the South Coast last winter. And all of the images are beautiful! Much like my sister, really. And don’t you just adore her hat? We actually found this in a store in Huskisson on the way to the beach.

We did this session at Plantation Point in Vincentia, on the night of the blood moon. It was also fortunately quite mild for July and my sister was happy to brave the water!

I just love maternity sessions and I have a gorgeous and ever growing collection of maternity gowns for use by my clients. Many of which can be styled in a variety of ways. I can also arrange hair and makeup packages if required.

My other exciting news is that we have recently moved and this move has allowed me the space to create my own newborn and maternity studio. This is a really exciting development for my business. I look forward to having this ready to open early in 2019.

Having a baby in 2019? My newborn sessions currently include a bonus mini maternity session. Get in touch to make a booking.

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Cake Smash (Goulburn Family Photographer)

It feels like it’s been a long time between blog posts! This year is speeding by so quickly, we will be at Christmas before we know it. So I’m determined to catch up and get a few recent sessions on the blog. So I thought I would start with this adorable 1st birthday cake smash. This little man was just an absolute delight to photograph. He also was a huge fan of cake. Which is always a bit of an unknown in a cake smash, but definitely makes things easier. His cake was made by his mum. Who was happy to have a chance to do a practice cake prior to his upcoming birthday party.

My cake smash sessions have special pricing, so if you think this session might be for you please do get in touch to find out more. You can contact me via my website.

I’ve recently had a lot of people asking about sessions prior to Christmas and at this stage I already have limited availability. I am also taking a few weeks break in November, so all session bookings will be made with this in mind. I’ve been working on putting something special together for Christmas for my sisters and would love to offer that to friends, family and existing clients. I am hoping to finalise this in the next week or two. If you think you might be interested in this, please send me a message so I can get in contact.


Goulburn Cake Smash

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Gorgeous Engagement Session

I have to preface this blog showcasing this gorgeous engagement session that I’m actually not a wedding photographer. And although I get weekly enquiries, I don’t have any intention of taking on wedding work at this stage. But this session is easily one of my favourite sessions this year. I love the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone. This is the style of shoot I haven’t had the chance to do previously. And the location was absolutely amazing! I have actually driven past this property a few times in the past 6 months. And every single time I have wondered what might be beyond the beautiful gates. So you can only imagine my excitement as I was driving to the property and my GPS informed me I had arrived at my destination. I may have actually even squealed! And it definitely helped that Chris and Steph are ridiculously in love! I know they have a wonderful future ahead of them as they begin married life.

It was an absolute blessing to have so many beautiful locations and buildings to utilise and the soft warm light of a late Summer’s evening. 

Interested in booking?

If you are interested in booking a session for you and your partner to celebrate an engagement or perhaps your family? Head to HERE. I can’t believe we are at Easter already. I am fully booked for April and have limited availability in May and June. Also if you are pregnant and due in early May (or know someone who is), keep an eye out for my newborn model call coming soon. I am off to do some more external training and I always love to cement that new knowledge as soon as I can. 

Goulburn Engagement Photographer

Goulburn Engagement Photographer

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Goulburn Extended Family Session

This is an extended family session from earlier this year. It was a stinking hot January afternoon and the little ones did so well to cope with the heat! I was lucky enough to photograph the little girl in the blue dress as a newborn. So I was really excited to see how much she had grown. And I especially loved her sassy little attitude! And I can’t wait to deliver their package of prints this week. Keep an eye out on Instagram for a sneak peek of their order.

Interested in Booking?

Autumn is an amazing time of year for a photo session. Autumn brings with it beautiful coloured trees. The opportunity to wear layers, cardigans and hats. And sunset is much earlier, making a golden hour session logistically so much easier for families with young children. It is my absolute favourite time of the year. I only have a few sessions left in late April and early May, so book now to avoid disappointment. You can book HERE.

I will be taking a little break over Easter and then again over the school holidays (can you believe they are less than a month away?) to spend time with my boys and catch-up from a very busy first quarter of 2018.


Goulburn Extended Family Session

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1st Birthday Cake Smash

A cake smash wasn’t really a ‘thing’ when my boys were little. But I can guarantee that every time I photograph one that at least one child will ask if they are too old now to have one. They all agree that it looks like a tonne of fun. What’s not to love? Having free range of a delicious cake and being able to make a mess – surely that is kid heaven!

This little guy actually really really loved his session. He took no time at all to get the hang of it. Often little ones will sit there, looking at a food they’ve never tried before, with absolutely no idea what it is that we are wanting them to do!

The cake for this session was made by the incredibly talented and always beautiful to deal with Erin and Meg from Born2Bake. If you have a moment be sure to pop over to their Facebook and check out their amazing work. 

Cake Smash Pricing

Did you know that I have special pricing for my cake smash sessions, and I can even arrange the cake! Interested in finding out more? Head over to my page and send me an email or a message to find out more.


Goulburn Cake Smash

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Goulburn Extended Family Session

School holidays are almost over and I have been easing myself back in to the swing of things. I am so thankful for my lovely clients who have given me time with my family over the Christmas break. I have so many lovely sessions to pop up on the blog in the coming weeks as I work through my editing pile. 

This session was from before Christmas. The girls had their makeup professionally done with Jo Alchin at Styledforyou and they all looked absolutely gorgeous. It is my usual preference to either shoot early in the morning or late in the evening. However we had this session quite late in the morning and chose the little Reserve in Eastgrove, below the train tracks, knowing that it would provide us with some cover from the harsh summer sun. It was also unbelievably warm but we made it work!

Goulburn Extended Family Photographer


Looking to Book a Family Session?

If you are interested in booking in for your own family session, I would love to hear from you! Follow this LINK to make your booking, or if you would just like to know more about my sessions head over HERE.  I currently have limited availability for March and I am taking bookings for April, May and beyond. 






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Stormy Summer Nights – Goulburn Family Photographer

I have been really looking forward to sharing this beautiful  family session on my blog. When I met this family at our first location (which I will blog about another day), and saw them get out of the car, I actually did a little internal squeal about how gorgeous they all looked. I could instantly tell that the mum had put a lot of time and effort in to coordinating everyone’s outfits. And it was absolutely time and effort well spent!

We had previously postponed this session due to poor weather, and on this particular evening we got a bit lucky with a storm hitting just as we were wrapping up. But the sky just prior to this was simply amazing. And even better complementing the colours in the girls dresses just perfectly.

Selecting outfits can be tricky but my top three tips are:

1. Choose 3 or so colours for your family, ones with similar tones that compliment each other but aren’t matchy matchy.
2. Avoid patterns and overly bright colours.
3. Incorporating different textures, layers and accessories is the perfect way to add interest to your outfits.

And don’t ever discount comfort in your fashion choices. Because if you feel uncomfortable then that definitely has the potential to show in your images. Pinterest can also be a wealth of inspiration if you need some direction on colours that compliment each other. I am also more than happy to help you source beautiful dresses just like the ones in this session.

Interested in booking a family session?

I would love to capture beautiful images just like these in your own family session. You can purchase a family session here

Goulburn Family Photographer Goulburn Family Photographer Goulburn Family Photographer

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Extended Family Session ~ Goulburn Photographer

A month or so a go I was lucky enough to meet this lovely family who had chosen Goulburn as the perfect meeting location for their entire family to get together and have some family photos taken in an extended family session. 

The weather in Goulburn over the past few weeks has been pretty unpredictable so we decided on the grounds of the Court House as our location, hoping that if it should rain we would be able to find cover! As it turned out the weather was perfect. I guess that’s Goulburn for you.

Extended family sessions are always a lot of fun with plenty of banter and laughter. This session was no exception. Thank you so much for travelling and allowing me to capture these images for you.

Want to book your own Extended Family Session?

Or perhaps you are still looking for a Christmas gift? Shop my Christmas sale HERE. 50% off all session fees and 20% off vouchers and packages! My prices will definitely be going up a smidge in 2018, so this is the last chance to lock in my 2017 prices. 

I thought I would be all wrapped up with Christmas shooting by this weekend, but I’m so lucky to still have four little newborns to photograph in the next week. And with the exception of a few special projects, I will be taking January off to spend with my boys. If you’re interested in a session for February onwards please get in touch to lock in your preferred date. 

Have a safe and happy Christmas.

Ally x

Goulburn Extended Family Photography Goulburn Extended Family Photography Goulburn Extended Family Photography

Goulburn Extended Family Session

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