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Early Autumn Express Session { Goulburn Family Photographer}

What is an Express Session?

I offer a little session I like to call my ‘Express Session’. It’s a bit like a mini session, which you might be familiar with from other photographers. However I don’t schedule multiple sessions in one day and I’m flexible with location. I find they are perfect for families with young children because the sessions are fast and fun. What makes them different though is you don’t get the variety of location as we usually just shoot in one particular spot. You also don’t get the same the number of shots you would normally get in an hour long family session. But for these reasons they are also a more affordable option. And they also importantly work in well with the demands of my family, especially now the winter sport season has commenced.

This lovely family were visiting Goulburn from Wagga Wagga and knew that an express session would be perfect for their boys. There was plenty of time for the boys to run around the beautiful grounds of the Goulburn Water Works, but not so much time that they became tired or bored. I’m really thankful that they took time out of their visit to fit in our session.

Interested in seeing some images from other express sessions? Check out this gorgeous session here or perhaps this one here.

Interested in an express session all of your own? Purchase one here

Here are a few of my favourites:


Goulburn Family Photographer

Goulburn Family Photographer

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Family Love! {Goulburn Family Photographer}

Today my Facebook memories reminded me that on this day last year I blogged about a little mini session I did for my youngest sister and her family. So I thought that was a great reminder that I haven’t actually blogged a little session I did for another of my sisters late last year (probably because she hasn’t even seen them all yet – oops!). 

My sister used to drive me mental when we were kids (I’m six years older) and I often joke that I didn’t even like her until she was 17, but she is now one of my closest friends and also the most generous and selfless person I know.

I love walking in to my sisters house, she really values photographs and she is exceptional at actually printing her images and displaying them beautifully on her walls. She’s recently ordered a stunning aluminum print from this session and I can’t wait to show it to you all on Facebook when it arrives this week.

Here a few of my favourites and hey KB I promise I’ll get the rest of them to you soon xx


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Gorgeous Family of Three {Goulburn Family Photographer)

I’m currently trying to juggle school holidays and catching up my backlog of work from last year (which includes blogging some of my November & December 2016 sessions). I’m sure I’m not always winning in my juggling attempts though, as I’m sure any working parent can relate to! 

I loved this shoot and not only because the mum is the daughter of one of my dearest friends. I especially loved the attention to detail and thought that went in to their outfits. How fab do they all look? Styling outfits can be tricky and at times overwhelming, but taking the time to put together a look that is complementary but not matchy matchy really helps to create images that ‘pop’. Navy is a really great base colour to start with. 

Here are (just) a few of my favourites from our session.


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Christmas Cuties {Goulburn Child Photographer}

Every year I like to get the chance to do some cute little Christmas shots of my beautiful little niece. This year her best little friend also got involved. Their stunning little outfits are by Style St and their headbands are by Arch N Ollie

Here are a few of my favourites:

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