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Stormy Summer Nights – Goulburn Family Photographer

I have been really looking forward to sharing this beautiful  family session on my blog. When I met this family at our first location (which I will blog about another day), and saw them get out of the car, I actually did a little internal squeal about how gorgeous they all looked. I could instantly tell that the mum had put a lot of time and effort in to coordinating everyone’s outfits. And it was absolutely time and effort well spent!

We had previously postponed this session due to poor weather, and on this particular evening we got a bit lucky with a storm hitting just as we were wrapping up. But the sky just prior to this was simply amazing. And even better complementing the colours in the girls dresses just perfectly.

Selecting outfits can be tricky but my top three tips are:

1. Choose 3 or so colours for your family, ones with similar tones that compliment each other but aren’t matchy matchy.
2. Avoid patterns and overly bright colours.
3. Incorporating different textures, layers and accessories is the perfect way to add interest to your outfits.

And don’t ever discount comfort in your fashion choices. Because if you feel uncomfortable then that definitely has the potential to show in your images. Pinterest can also be a wealth of inspiration if you need some direction on colours that compliment each other. I am also more than happy to help you source beautiful dresses just like the ones in this session.

Interested in booking a family session?

I would love to capture beautiful images just like these in your own family session. You can purchase a family session here

Goulburn Family Photographer Goulburn Family Photographer Goulburn Family Photographer

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Family Farm Fun {Goulburn Family Photographer}

Today is the last day of school holidays. I’m feeling very fortunate that our holidays were filled with lots of lovely time with our family. I am also equal parts happy to get my older boys back off to school and sad that holidays and the break from routine is over. School holidays always start with such good intentions. I don’t take on any photo shoots during the school holidays. Instead I prefer to focus on spending time with my boys. I also usually take the break to catch up on my editing and blogging and do some planning for the coming the months.

Sometimes regardless of our intentions things don’t really work out as planned. So here I am on the last day of holidays scurrying to cross a few things from my ever growing list. 

So that brings me to this gorgeous sessions. This little man was a week or so from turning 1. He was unbelievably happy and just loved hanging out with his parents at their property having his photo taken. My favourite thing about the session is just how natural all the images are. I think they really capture the innocence and joy that is so abundant with children at this age. I’m also really loving the black and white collage from the session, it’s just so beautiful.

How to book your own family session

Interested in your own family session? Head to this link HERE

Goulburn Family Photographer Goulburn Family Photographer

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Little Baby C {Goulburn Newborn Photographer}

Late last year I made a commitment to myself that I would invest some of my resources in to improving my newborn photography. Part of my plan involved finding a newborn workshop to attend. And like is often the way of the universe, exactly what I needed appeared in my inbox at the exact right moment. I nervously booked in to a workshop with award winning photographer Kelly Brown, you can check out some of her stunning work here
So finally a few weeks ago, the time rolled around for me to actually attend the workshop (yay to a weekend by myself in Sydney!). It was every bit as amazing as I had hoped it would be. We covered every single aspect of newborn photography, including (and I feel most importantly) infant safety. Being around people who are as passionate as you are about something is such a joyful experience.  And we all know how much I absolutely adore babies.

In the lead up to my workshop I put the call out on Facebook for a newborn model so that I would be able to consolidate everything I had learned as soon as possible. My inbox was absolutely inundated with emails and messages from expectant parents. I would have loved to be able to say yes to everyone, but eventually I settled on this little guy.

I couldn’t have asked for a better model call. They followed everything I had asked in order to prepare for the session and they were happy and relaxed. And most of all they were really happy and willing to be involved in the process. Photographing babies is time consuming and requires patience. I always give a guideline on how long it might take, but sometimes it simply takes longer. My priority is always first and foremost on the safety and comfort of the baby.

I’m absolutely in love with the images. Expecting a newborn soon? Book your session here


Goulburn Newborn Photographer

Goulburn Newborn Photographer

Goulburn Newborn Photographer

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Welcome 2017

I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and New Year. I know I have! In fact this is the first time I’ve sat down at my home computer in well over a week. 2016 was such an amazing year for me, both personally and in my little business but I’m also really excited about what is to come in 2017. I’ve booked myself in to some amazing photography courses (including an intensive newborn course with one of Australia’s most well known newborn photographers) and I already have so many wonderful clients booked in for the next few months. 

I always try to take things a little slower in January, we have four boys and I love the break from our overwhelming schedule and routine during school holidays. We also try to fit in some downtime during the weekends, before everything cranks up again in February.

Here are a few of my favourite images from 2016. 


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Happy 70th Birthday! {Goulburn Family Photographer}

This session was a few months ago now (I’ve fallen behind with my blogging!!). It was in celebration of the girls Dad’s 70th birthday. It was a really great session, it’s so lovely to get all your loved ones together and celebrate milestones.

Here are just a few of my favourites.

[go_portfolio id=”70birthday”]


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Three Generations of Family {Goulburn Family Photographer}

When I was a student at university and got my first serious job I spent one of my first pays on a little film SLR camera. I remember it being (to me at the time) a big investment. The first photo I took on that little camera was a beautiful portrait of my much loved Grandfather, Fred. That photo still hangs on my wall some 16 years later and is easily one of my most treasured possessions.

I think it was knowing how treasured that photo of my pop is to me that made this shoot so special. It was amazing to be able to shoot three generations of the one family. And I know that as time whizzes by, as it does, that these photos will become treasured memories for this family also. I loved taking photo’s for this family of gorgeous ladies. Here are a few of my favourites.










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Sunny Goulburn Afternoons {Goulburn Family Photographer}

A couple of weekends a go I got to spend a gorgeous warm sunny afternoon taking photos of this family on their grandparents property. The kids were so much fun, especially the little one – her love of life is so infectious and she almost always has a massive smile on her sweet little face. Here are some of my favourites from our session:













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Capturing the magic of brothers in Goulburn

This session was easily one of my favourite sessions so far. I’ve blogged before about how I love to shoot families in their own environment, where they are comfortable and I think it really translates beautifully in the photos.

This family was dressed perfectly and had already identified several locations on their property that might work for our session. I’m so in love with the resulting



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Goulburn Family of Four

The day of this shoot was beautiful – clear blue skies, no wind – just gorgeous. About 40 mins before our shoot was due to start I poked my head outside to bring in the washing. In the distance I could see the rain clouds forming – eek!

Luckily for me this lovely mum also happens to be organised and we quickly decided to meet earlier in the hope of being able to beat the weather.

We weren’t successful and mid-shoot the skies opened and we had to abandon the shoot.

We also met up a couple of days later, not that the weather was that much better – where did Spring go?

Here are a couple of my favourites.










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Gorgeous Goulburn Family

This family session was held  on their family property at Parksbourne, on a beautiful late winter’s day.

The session was relaxed and you could tell that this is a family who really know how to have fun together.









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