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Gorgeous Baby B {Goulburn Newborn Photographer}

I’ve been pretty slack keeping my social media and website updated since our initial lockdown last year, I found it all a little unsettling and then when life returned to relative normality it seemed to get busier than ever not only with sessions but with my own children. But I’m using our current lockdown situation to hopefully change that. I thought I’d start with this gorgeous session from earlier this year with sweet Baby B.

Baby B was so content, blessed with adoring parents and doting older siblings who made our session a dream. Here are just a few of my favourite images from our session.

Are you having a baby soon and are interested in booking your own newborn session? You can find the details here, I have a limited number of session available in 2021.

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Baby F {Goulburn Newborn Photographer}

I was lucky enough to do a family/maternity session for this family, so I was really looking forward to this newborn session. I just couldn’t have asked for better! Baby Frankie was a very settled and content baby. Her older brother was very excited to introduce me to his new sister. He was also very keen to get his photo taken (although it may have taken a few chocolate bribes).

I’ve had a lot of enquiries lately for newborn sessions, which is amazing! Newborn photography is definitely something I am truly passionate about. So I thought I would include some information and tips to help prepare expectant mums for their sessions. Expectant mums usually get in touch to pencil in their due date 2-3 months before baby is due. This helps me plan my sessions and bookings. It also gives us the opportunity to book in a maternity session. Check out the sneak peek from my most recent maternity session here.

I typically shoot my newborn sessions under 2 weeks of age and ideally around the 5-6 day mark. The reason for this is mainly because babies are quite sleepy at this age and are able to be posed more easily. I also know having a new baby in your house is an adjustment and exhausting, so I always let parent’s know its perfectly ok to wait until you are settled at home before touching base with me to officially book in our session. 

I typically will come to you for your session. We really only need to have a small space with good natural light in order to do our session. It’s also really lovely to be in your own environment. And to feel comfortable feeding and settling your baby in your own space. I will always work with your baby and as I’ve often said my focus is always primarily on the safety and comfort of the baby and mother I am working with. 

Interested in booking your own newborn session?

I would love to hear from you and remember for a limited time all newborn sessions include a bonus 30 min maternity session. Book here

Goulburn Newborn Photographer

Goulburn Newborn Photographer

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Little Baby C {Goulburn Newborn Photographer}

I get asked all the time what it is that I love above all else when photographing newborn babies. And at first I’d be quick to answer ‘Oh, I just love babies’. And that is of course absolutely true. But when I think a little more on the question it becomes obvious to me that there are so many more reasons that I adore this genre the most. I love watching the interactions between the baby and their parents. I’m always acutely aware of the newness of the relationship. That they are all finding their feet together and I always feel so privileged to able to witness it. 

I love the fact that every baby is different. I love those initial moments as you explore how the baby reacts to touch and movement and sound as you settle them ready for their session. It’s always been fascinating to me that a baby can be wide awake one moment, keenly taking in their surrounds and sound asleep moments later. And some babies just take longer to settle in to that deep, relaxing sleep. And of course there are always the little ones who never settle in to a sleep at all. Suddenly I’m taken back 10 years to when my eldest son was a newborn. I spent hours pacing the hallway singing Beatles songs in the hope of finally getting him to sleep. Interestingly he’s still probably often the last to go to sleep in our family.

I also love capturing all those little details that you think you’ll remember forever. It doesn’t always feel it at the time but the newborn stage really is a fleeting moment in time. 

This session had a little baby who wasn’t really that keen on settling. Her mum was nothing short of amazing as she feed and settled on repeat throughout the session. I also always encourage my families to bring along things that are special to them and their baby. The gorgeous fluffy pink rug in this session was a present from the babies Nan. 

Pregnant & considering a newborn session?

For a limited time only if you book a newborn session with me you will also receive a bonus 30 minute maternity session*. This is a great way to celebrate and capture your pregnancy prior to the arrival of your gorgeous little bundle. 


*Missed the opportunity for a maternity session? Let’s do a sitter session instead, once you baby has learned to sit!


Goulburn Newborn Photographer

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Little Baby C {Goulburn Newborn Photographer}

Late last year I made a commitment to myself that I would invest some of my resources in to improving my newborn photography. Part of my plan involved finding a newborn workshop to attend. And like is often the way of the universe, exactly what I needed appeared in my inbox at the exact right moment. I nervously booked in to a workshop with award winning photographer Kelly Brown, you can check out some of her stunning work here
So finally a few weeks ago, the time rolled around for me to actually attend the workshop (yay to a weekend by myself in Sydney!). It was every bit as amazing as I had hoped it would be. We covered every single aspect of newborn photography, including (and I feel most importantly) infant safety. Being around people who are as passionate as you are about something is such a joyful experience.  And we all know how much I absolutely adore babies.

In the lead up to my workshop I put the call out on Facebook for a newborn model so that I would be able to consolidate everything I had learned as soon as possible. My inbox was absolutely inundated with emails and messages from expectant parents. I would have loved to be able to say yes to everyone, but eventually I settled on this little guy.

I couldn’t have asked for a better model call. They followed everything I had asked in order to prepare for the session and they were happy and relaxed. And most of all they were really happy and willing to be involved in the process. Photographing babies is time consuming and requires patience. I always give a guideline on how long it might take, but sometimes it simply takes longer. My priority is always first and foremost on the safety and comfort of the baby.

I’m absolutely in love with the images. Expecting a newborn soon? Book your session here


Goulburn Newborn Photographer

Goulburn Newborn Photographer

Goulburn Newborn Photographer

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Baby K {Goulburn Newborn Photographer}

I say this all the time and it is just so true – I absolutely adore babies! 

And I’ve been so lucky already this year to get to photograph lots of gorgeous babies. This session was just so amazing. This little guy was so content and settled and happily slept through his session with barely a squeak. And his older brother is obviously very smitten with his new baby brother.

I could have easily blogged his entire session but instead here are just a few of my favourites



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Little Baby A {Goulburn Newborn Photographer}

This was such a gorgeous shoot. Little Baby A’s mum and dad were very relaxed and the light in the room we chose to shoot in was just about perfect.

Here are just a few of my favourites:


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Sweet Baby L

I was so excited to photograph this precious little boy. I’ve known his beautiful mum for what feels like forever. It was beautiful to see how loved he is already by his older brother and cousins. 

Here are just a few of my favourites:


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Little Baby L {Goulburn Newborn Photographer}

This gorgeous shoot was organised by a friend of mine for one of her friends who was visiting from Sydney. I was so thankful for the gentle touch of his beautiful big sister, who expertly and gently settled him in to a wonderful deep sleep and we then managed to capture some lovely images.

It’s really ideal to organise your newborn session sometime in baby’s first 2 weeks of life (the early the better). The reason this timing matters is babies are generally sleepier and we are able to pose them in those gorgeous curly ‘womb like’ shots. If you are interested in booking a newborn shoot please click HERE.

Here are just a few of my favourites:

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Baby S {Goulburn Newborn Photographer}

I think one of the reasons I love photography so much is that there is always something new to be learnt. And newborn shoots are always so challenging that I feel like I come away learning a bunch of technical stuff (which is awesome) and more importantly something new about myself as a person and the photographer I am always striving to become. I just adored this shoot, so so much. Baby S and his super calm and relaxed mum were an absolute treat to work with.

And continuing the learning theme, this session was actually the catalyst for me doing something I have dreamed about doing for ages, so I’ve bitten the bullet and booked in for an intensive newborn workshop next year with one of my all time favourite baby photographers. I can’t wait!

Here are just a couple of my favourites

Interested in booking a shoot? Click HERE

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Beautiful Baby Girl {Goulburn Newborn Photographer}

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

The gorgeous baby girl was 12 days new at the time of our shoot, and already such a content little soul. She is also blessed to have a besotted older brother. Here are just a few of my favourites.

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