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Products in Focus: Prints

Digital negatives are without doubt the most popular product purchased by clients. But if you are planning a session with me here are a couple of reasons I think you should consider adding professionally printed images to your purchase.

  1. I use a professional print lab, based in Melbourne, who produced beautiful, consistent, quality work.
  2. It’s convenient to have your printing needs organised by someone else and this ensures they are ready to go on your walls sooner.
  3. It’s so easy to purchase digital negatives only to never actually do anything with those images (I’ve personally been guilty of this more than once!).
  4. Technology moves so quickly, printed images will stand the test of time.

I will always include a free print or two with your session because I want you to see how amazing your images look in printed form.

And I’m on a personal mission to do what I say and print some of the beautiful photos I have taken of my boys over the past 18 months. And I’m starting with this one, isn’t he a gem?





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Products In Focus: Collages

When you have a family photo session, sometimes the hardest part is deciding what to do with the final images. In the past even I’ve been guilty of investing time and money in to a beautiful session of my own family, with some amazing photographers, only to purchase the digital negatives and then never actually do anything about getting those stunning pictures on to our walls.

That’s why for each session I shoot I take the time to put together 1-2 collages of my favourite images from the sessions. I then work directly with my clients to customise these collages to include their absolute favourite images and of course taking in to account where they are going to be displaying the final product.

Collages are the perfect way to showcase a number of images in one spot. They can be printed on to canvas, acrylic or even hung as a framed print. They look absolutely fabulous in large format.

Here are some examples:





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