2015: The Year In Review – A Competition {Goulburn Family Photographer}

When I sat down to write this blog post I was reflecting on how I had came to find myself here and it occurred to me that throughout my life I have been fortunate to always draw really positive influences in to my life. All my closest friends are naturally upbeat and positive people. Ben really is the epitome of the positive person – he’s definitely one of those ‘no problems, only solutions’ types. And I realised as I was contemplating this that my journey with photography is no different.

When my photography teacher first brought up the idea of turning my passion in to a business I’m pretty sure I laughed and told her no, then I paused for a moment and decided to think on it a little more before completely dismissing the idea. And there was one recurring thought throughout – ok, so maybe I didn’t want a photography business but surely there was much to be gained on a personal level by being mentored by someone who is excelling in their field and working alongside other like minded women? It really did just seem like too good an opportunity to say no. So I closed my eyes and took a leap.

And boy am I glad I did. 2015 has been a magical year for me, both personally and in photography. I feel like I’ve come out of the haze of having a small baby alongside three busy and active older children. I have found something that I am truly passionate about and that brings me tremendous joy and through that I’ve found my tribe. Wonderful, fantastic women who have provided me with so much guidance, support, laughter, an ear when things sometimes went a little wrong, a shared belief in the abundance of business and a commitment to continuing to learn and grow.

To celebrate the wonder that was 2015 I have decided to have a little ‘2015: A Year in Review’ Competition. I have chosen my favourite image from each (full) session I have shot this year. I would love for you all to vote for your favourite image, with some fantastic prizes up for grabs. Here’s how to win:

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    3. Vote for your favourite image using the comments section below
    4. Encourage your family and friends to vote by sharing this on Facebook/Twitter etc
    5. Voting closes Saturday 16/1/2016 at midnight.
    6. The Prizes are:
      1. The family with the most popular image will win a gorgeous framed 20″ x 20″ custom collage print (valued at $160.00)
      2. I will randomly select one voter to win a family photoshoot and $100 print credit (valued at $200)
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