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Gorgeous Engagement Session

I have to preface this blog showcasing this gorgeous engagement session that I’m actually not a wedding photographer. And although I get weekly enquiries, I don’t have any intention of taking on wedding work at this stage. But this session is easily one of my favourite sessions this year. I love the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone. This is the style of shoot I haven’t had the chance to do previously. And the location was absolutely amazing! I have actually driven past this property a few times in the past 6 months. And every single time I have wondered what might be beyond the beautiful gates. So you can only imagine my excitement as I was driving to the property and my GPS informed me I had arrived at my destination. I may have actually even squealed! And it definitely helped that Chris and Steph are ridiculously in love! I know they have a wonderful future ahead of them as they begin married life.

It was an absolute blessing to have so many beautiful locations and buildings to utilise and the soft warm light of a late Summer’s evening. 

Interested in booking?

If you are interested in booking a session for you and your partner to celebrate an engagement or perhaps your family? Head to HERE. I can’t believe we are at Easter already. I am fully booked for April and have limited availability in May and June. Also if you are pregnant and due in early May (or know someone who is), keep an eye out for my newborn model call coming soon. I am off to do some more external training and I always love to cement that new knowledge as soon as I can. 

Goulburn Engagement Photographer

Goulburn Engagement Photographer

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