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Mum + Dad + Baby = Three {Goulburn Family Photographer}

This family is so lucky to live in such a beautiful and peaceful location. The weather on the day of this shoot was a little strange – misty, foggy and damp, but it provided beautiful lighting for our session.

I really love working with relaxed and trendy families, you just know that there will be so many fantastic shots and this session was no exception.  Here are a few of my favourites:





Doran Family 2015-63

Doran Family 2015-38

Doran Family 2015-28

Doran Family 2015-22

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Fun on the farm

I come from a large family, with three sisters of my own. When my older sister asked if I had time to pop out to their family farm to grab some photos of my niece and nephew of course I said yes!

I love taking photos of children in their natural environment, where they are relaxed and happy. We had such a fun time. There were plenty of laughs and some pretty ordinary joke telling. I know what my nephew is getting for his upcoming birthday!

I don’t think my poor sister was expecting to have to appear in the photos. But I feel very strongly that its important that mothers, in particular, who are often the ones documenting their family memories actually appear in some photographs themselves. And these images are beautiful.









This image captures so beautifully their fun little personalities.





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Want to take better photos of your children? Here’s how:

Just before our first son was born, Ben upgraded my much loved film SLR to a digital SLR for my birthday. I loved that camera so much and when our son was born I took literally thousands of photos documenting the first few years of his life. I lovingly arranged those photos in albums and books.

When our second son came along, I definitely took less photos. For no reason really other than life was busy with a toddler and baby. But I still arranged the photos I did take into albums and books.

Then I got an iPhone and it just became easier to use that instead of pulling out my DSLR. I’ve almost exclusively documented my two youngest sons early childhood using the camera on my phone. I’ve never lovingly printed any of those photos from my phone and arranged them in albums.

When our fourth son was born I took his photo every day for his entire first year of life – wait for it, on my iPhone. And the iPhone camera takes great photos, don’t get me wrong, but for me they really are snapshots. I wanted photos that were beautiful, that were printable and that captured the magical moments of growing up.

Late last year I stumbled upon Clare Stephen’s Kids Through a Lens 21 Beginner Bootcamp. I’d talked with friends before about doing one of Clare’s workshops but seriously when was I going to fit that in? Lured by the promise of it being manageable for a time poor mum, I signed up.

I instantly loved it. It wasn’t technical (I really don’t have the headspace for technical). It was fun and it was probably the first time in a very long time that I was doing something for myself, without guilt. I could fit the videos in around the kids and although I certainly didn’t do all the suggested exercises I still found I got so much out of it.

This is a photo I took of two of my boys playing in our street, while completing the Kids Through a Lens 21 Beginner Bootcamp.2114-2

Maybe you are like me? Time poor but also really wanting to document your children’s childhood in a way that is both beautiful and real. Clare is having a 24 hour presale on her next round of Bootcamp. The sale starts tomorrow (21 August). I really can’t recommend it enough.

You can sign up here: 21 Day Beginner Bootcamp

And the best thing is you have lifetime access to the course. Because sometimes despite our best intentions life gets busy and its great to know that you can come back to it when you have time.

For me that split second decision to do some photography courses has opened up the door to something so much larger and more exciting then I ever could have imagined. Who knows where it might lead you?

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Gorgeous Goulburn Family

This family session was held  on their family property at Parksbourne, on a beautiful late winter’s day.

The session was relaxed and you could tell that this is a family who really know how to have fun together.









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